DSGN- Design Student Global Network- is a collective of designers, creators, and educators with one simple mission: to connect you to credible, emerging design and educational initiatives.

The next step is all down to you! We encourage you to explore beyond your workshop/ office/ classroom walls to discover new design and educational experiences around the world. But, before we share our (worst kept) secrets with you, we have one condition… for you to integrate these diverse experiences back into your research, design, or educational practice!

Design & Build Initiatives for Students

Here at DSGN, we think that design & build experiences are the best way to learn new skills, grow your network, and make meaningful connections with people from all walks of life. Don’t believe us? We’ve compiled our go-to list of worthwhile design & build initiatives from across the internet for you to explore…

Arkitrek is a live design workshop for architecture students and graduates. Set in the rainforests, villages and islands of Borneo, the Arkitrek design build programme is an exciting new look at architectural education.

Bamboo U was an idea conceived to help teach people about the potential of bamboo as a green building material. The program was founded in 2015 with intention is to share unique design and construction knowledge and to explore alternative ways of building

CAUKIN Studio is an organisation founded on the premise that everybody should have access to better designed and built spaces. Something which shouldn’t have to come at a large price tag. We believe in democratic education, quality design, accessible for all.

EASA is a non-profit and decentralised structure, organised and led by volunteers. As a platform for cultural and educational exchange, EASA connects Architecture students and professionals from all European countries, and in recent years from all over the world.

Hello Wood started out as an art camp in 2010, and over the years, has grown into a global hub for architects, designers and woodworkers looking to new ways of sharing and producing knowledge. Today we exist both as a creative architecture and design studio and an educational platform for architectural dialogue and experimentation.

MEDS is an international ‘Meeting of Design Students’ network where professionals and students from diverse design backgrounds meet for workshops and events, including MEDS Travel, MEDS Gallery, MEDS Studio as well as our annual MEDS Workshop- now one of the most successful multidisciplinary design workshops in Europe.

And there are plenty more breakthrough initiatives popping up all over the world, we just can’t cover them all (oh, how we wish we could!). You can find many of these exciting projects and more at Seed Network, Design Build Exchange (DBXchange), and Live Projects Network.

What are DSGN Workshops?

Since 2018, we have being exploring new and exciting ways of designing with students and local communities through design & build initiatives. At the same time, we have been busy working with two separate grass roots initiatives in Bali, Indonesia, developing home grown architectural projects to a stage where they are now ready for construction. We aim to share these educational journeys and design experiences with you in ‘DSGN Workshops’- special educational publications that will guide you through different research, design, construction and educational methods in an easy to follow curriculum format.

If you would like to collaborate with us on our first DSGN Workshop Publication by sharing your research, design, construction, or educational methods, please contact us at info@dsgnworkshop.com for more information!