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We are DSGN, a new project pioneered by an international network of student designers and social communities. Since 2010, our family have brought creative students from across 45+ international countries together, labouring with love on architecture, design, art, film, photography, and media projects at our annual workshops. Together we facilitate dialogue between fresh, young, designers; a global network we call home.
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We host annual Creative Lab(oratories) as an educational response to serious global issues. This is an opportunity for human beings to learn from one another; work together on big projects, share experiences, and develop as individuals.
For 4 weeks in early 2019, up to 50 students from across Europe and beyond will converge on Bali. Joining forces with the local Five Pillar Foundation, we will cater to growing pressure on local ecology by building a self-sustaining Learning Centre and scheme to educate Balinese youth on environmental and economic security. 
DSGN has officially launched its international competition to design this Learning Centre, and is now OPEN to students and recent graduates! The winning proposal will then be built in Bali, beginning in 2019. 

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Click the image above to open and download our competition brief! Register below before 23:59 on Feb 27th- all fees go directly into the building of your design for the communities in North West Bali! Submission deadline is 23:59 on Feb 28th.
Please note that Graduate Registration is for those who have graduated between 01/01/2013 and 01/01/2018. Your secure payment through PayPal is classed as your official registration.
Student Registration    €40

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Graduate Registration    €100

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 See the answers to your FAQs here:
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And submit your entry here:
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Good Luck
Join our family! Don’t forget to register, and good luck! For any competition related questions, please use the form below:

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Collaborating with DSGN couldn’t be easier! Whether you are a student, recent graduate, entrepreneur, business owner, or just have an adventurous itch, there are many ways you can be involved;

Support us-
by simply endorsing our program to sponsoring us with funding, you can enjoy a variety of returns; from global media coverage, opportunities to guest speak, physical representation, access to our network, and unique experiences with our partners. For more details download our DSGN Sponsor Pack!
Become an organiser- 
help behind the scenes to get our  workshops ready, find the perfect Lab Partners, and connect with DSGNers worldwide.
Spread The Words
Help spread the word- get a hold of our Press Pack and let the world know about our Lab mission; with digital media, presentations and much more!
Escape To Bali
Escape to Bali- volunteer or intern with our partners, Five Pillar Foundation, and grow the social movement of DSGN thinking at grass-roots level!
Contact us to hear about our Internship opportunities starting in 2018!
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DSGN has just returned from Bali, and is preparing for the year ahead as our 2019 workshop approaches!
Excited? So are we!  
See what awaits you here. Welcome to Bali …

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Wira, in Balinese, means ‘Hero’ and, as the visionary behind our workshop, Wiraguna is living up to his name. Hit play and take a journey with Quin and Wira to see the communities you will directly impact as a DSGNer!      
If Wira can do it, we can do it!
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For more information about what we do, how to get involved, or just to have a chat, send us a message below!