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Want to become a DSGNer and begin impacting communities around the world?
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Volunteering with DSGN couldn’t be easier! Whether you are a student, recent graduate, entrepreneur, business owner, or just have an adventurous itch, there are many ways you can be involved;
Become an organiser- help behind the scenes to get our Test Tube workshops ready, find the perfect Lab Partners, and connect with DSGNers worldwide.
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Help spread the word- get a hold of our Press Pack and let the world know about our Lab mission; with digital media, presentations and much more!
Register to mentor- each Test Tube needs a skilled Laboratorist to advise our Tutors, helping cement their designs with practical knowledge in the field.
FP Volunteer
Escape to Bali- volunteer or intern with our partners, Five Pillar Foundation, and grow the social movement of DSGN thinking at grass-roots level!
Contact us to hear about our Internship opportunities starting next year!



Sponsors are a huge part of setting up an international workshop! Whether you are an educational establishment, small business owner, or global giant, your support directly funds the essentials of our 4-week Lab;

Sponsor Aid

We offer a variety of returns to our generous sponsors- from media coverage, opportunities to guest speak, eponymous awards, access to our network, and unique experiences with our partners.

For more details download our DSGN Sponsor Pack!