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We host annual Creative Lab(oratories) as an educational response to serious global issues. This is an opportunity for human beings to learn from one another; work together on big projects, share experiences, and develop as individuals. Our first major workshop is located in Pejarakan, a village in the northwestern region of Bali- nestled between mountains and the sea. It is quickly becoming a favoured tourist destination, with resorts already taking advantage of popular snorkelling locations and easy access to neighbouring islands. Despite this, the inhabitants are often from struggling families and live on the poverty line.
For 4 weeks in late 2019, up to 50 students from across Europe and beyond will converge on Bali. Joining forces with the local Five Pillar Foundation, we will cater to growing pressure on local ecology by building a self-sustaining Innovation Hub and scheme to educate Balinese youth on environmental and economic security.
“This Innovation Hub will overcome a shortage of education and knowledge in the local community. A lack of social collaboration has meant there are many jobless people. The future development of Bali will come through re-connecting with our local culture and our environment. This project will be like a communal space (“Banjar” in Balinese) or co-working space where we will re-learn and take back our culture. It will become an important Cultural Education spot for the global community who visit Bali, so they can learn more about the local culture and community life.”
Wira Sig
Wira– Five Pillar Foundation Co-Founder
DSGN are delighted to unveil the winner, and shortlist, of our recent Innovation Hub Competition! Click the images to see full submission…

Web Tile Winner

 | Hanna Haczek & Ewelina Andrecka

Central Point
 | Annalena Henssen

The Stage In-Between | Liang Shui
Joglo Hub | Eun Woo Jung & Mickaël Minghetti
Circle of Life | Olja Stefanovska & Melda Yolaçan
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