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A Lab(oratory) plants the seeds of social change and builds local platforms, from which ideas grow into self-sufficient communities. They are focused gatherings of a diverse range of people, searching for innovative solutions to serious problems. Lab processes aim to be a catalyst for new, creative ideas and interdisciplinary collaborations; We are looking for reactive solutions to local problems, experienced around the world.

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For 4 weeks in late 2019
, 50 students from across Europe and beyond will converge on Bali. Living, eating and breathing the local culture, they will engage with Tutors in local traditions and craft, working together with the Jembrana community in designing and constructing a social innovation hub.

Nestled between the mountains and the sea, our site consists of a 3 Hectare area of jungle, surrounded by a hive of agricultural, fishing, and artistic industry.

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Our Lab will task DSGNers with the development of one facility. This Lab will be split into a variety of Test Tubes- reactive projects creating chemistry between local and global communities. These include:

  • A primary learning space
  • Accommodation building
  • Permaculture gardens

These spaces will be developed to expand over time by merging Balinese spiritualism with modern design thinking.