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We are looking to bring participatory design application to the world.
This means that anyone, and everyone, can apply design skills to their community! We will establish and cultivate a global network of DSGNers; like-minded individuals who wish to positively affect their communities through creative and innovative design-thinking solutions.

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Supported by medsworkshop.com, Design Student Global Network will nurture connections with community-based foundations across the globe. 
Hosting annual Creative Lab(oratories) over a devoted 4 week period, DSGNers will establish deep connections with local communities in a two-way educational process in response to serious problems. The culmination of our energy will be an open-source design curriculum for free usage by all people.

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This is an opportunity for human beings to learn from one another, work together on big projects, share experiences with local communities, and develop as individuals. Different cultures, languages and vocations will gather in one place as a catalyst for new, creative ideas and interdisciplinary collaborations.



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